Kathy Sigle Art

Howdy Pardner......welcome to Kathy Sigle Art.

KathySigleArt Version 2.0

 As always, we are humbled and so appreciative that you are interested in Kathy’s art and have taken the time to stop by and see us.  We ask a little patience from you as we grow into our new website.  You mKathy Sigle Artight say we are rolling out KathySigleArt.com version 2.0.  It is by all means a work in progress, and already accounts for countless hours of work before we flipped the switch and brought the new site online.  There will be many more hours invested before we are happy with the new content and features.  The new site brings state-of-the-art (pun intended) e-commerce, media delivery, social media connections, blogging, and many other features too numerous to mention at the moment.  We will soon be rolling out our business Facebook page, and at that point, the Facebook connection at the top of our site will be active.  The e-commerce system should be active in a few days and at that time, we are confident you will appreciate the ease with which you can browse through Kathy’s work and order products online.  All of her prints have been added to the “Gallery”.  If you encounter difficulties on the site, please let us know by filling out our “contact form”.  We won’t know the problem exists if you don’t let us know!

Soon, we will be adding an “originals section”, “current works in progress”, and some archives for older paintings.  Keep checking back over the coming weeks and months as the features and content will be changing all the time.

Also, Kathy’s schedule will soon be up in our events page, so keep checking that as well.

Again, thanks so much for stopping by!